Having a great website is important to run and grow your business. Unfortunately, if the content on your website isn’t great, or is missing important parts, it can prevent you from reaching your full potential. Let us break it down for you what constitutes good, relevant content for your plastic surgery website.

Information About Procedures

This might seem obvious, but if you have information about the procedures you offer, this not only benefits your SEO, but helps inform your patients. If a patient can find all the answers to their questions on your website, they won’t need to leave your website. Keeping a patient clicking away on your website is a great strategy to have them pick up the phone and schedule an appointment. Provide all the information you would need to know if you were a patient with zero knowledge on the procedure. The content should include who would be a candidate for the procedure, how the procedure is done, risk factors involved, and any aftercare information.

Pricing Ranges

Some plastic surgeons choose not to post pricing, but when a prospective patient is looking for a plastic surgeon in their budget, they will most likely click away from the website without pricing information. The pricing does not need to be exact because it will vary from patient to patient. We suggest including a pricing range so patients know what to expect before scheduling a consultation.

Before & After Photos/Gallery

Without a display of the transformations you have given patients, how do you expect a patient to choose you over a plastic surgeon with an online portfolio? We highly recommend posting as many before and after case studies as possible. This gives prospective patients an idea of their possibilities as well as your abilities as a surgeon. Of course, receive consent from your patients before posting their results for the internet to see.

Information About You

Patients will want to know as much as possible about their plastic surgeon before giving them the okay to operate. Let your patients get to know you. Post a bio including your education, continuing education, and even some personal details to help the patient get to know you on a more personal level. The more comfortable a patient feels with their surgeon, the more likely they are to choose that surgeon to perform their surgery. Let your prospective patients know what inspired you to become a plastic surgeon and what you love most about your job. These are great details to add to help you stand out.

Start Transforming Your Plastic Surgery Website Today

If you feel your website is lacking good content, start working on it today! At Plastic Surgery Affiliates, we can help you with your written content and before and after gallery. Contact us today for services or advice for your plastic surgery website.