Instagram Do’s and Don’t’s for Marketing

Managing your Instagram account as a plastic surgeon should be fun, but to best represent your brand and practice. If your goal is to use your Instagram account for marketing, you should follow some sort of guidelines to grow your business. If your Instagram account is just for fun and you are not using it to expand business, but more to socialize and share your life with the internet, you can do whatever you want. At Plastic Surgery Affiliates, we recommend those plastic surgeons seeking to increase their business follow these do’s and don’ts.

Do Post Before and After Pictures/Videos

Posting before and after images or videos of your work is the best way to display your accomplishments. Users love to see these because it shows them transformations they can make happen for themselves, or friends or family who they think can benefit. Before and after photos are always inspiring to users who are struggling with the same problem as the patient. It gives them a glimpse into the possibilities of having their own procedure done.

Don’t Post Pictures/Videos of Your Personal Life

Leave your personal pictures on your personal account. Your child’s first day of school shouldn’t be mixed in with images of breast augmentations. If you want to display parts of your personal life, try to keep it as relevant to plastic surgery as possible. Remember, your plastic surgery Instagram account is to display your professional life. Feel free to post any pictures or videos that are relevant to your field, but try to keep the personal images for your friends and family.

Do Use Hashtags

It’s important to implement hashtags onto your posts, otherwise there is no lifeline on your photos to reach other users. To pick out the perfect hashtags, try and use only hashtags relevant to the image. Popular hashtags like #like4like rarely ever gain any likes because of how overly popular they are. We also recommend adding your location as the city you are in to gain some new prospective patients in your city. Learn more about hashtags in last week’s blog here.

Don’t Post a Picture/Video Without a Patient’s Consent

In case you didn’t know, you cannot post images or videos of patients without their consent. Please follow some sort of consent form process with your patients so you don’t have a lawsuit or angry patient coming for you.

Do Post Often

Instagram users who don’t post frequently, are less likely to have a lot of followers. The more often you post, the more users you can reach daily. Try not to post too often, though; your followers might become annoyed of your spammed content and unfollow you. Try to post at least once a day.

Do Not Post Uncensored Images

Instagram has specific rules when it comes to posting nudity. Save yourself from having your images taken down or account blocked and censor your images before posting.

Do Contact Plastic Surgery Affiliates

If you want to improve your Instagram strategy or are curious about being featured on the official plastic surgery Instagram channel, contact us today.