If you are new to Instagram, or have not quite figured out how to properly hashtag your photos yet, we have you covered! To give you an idea of how important hashtags are for growing your Instagram account, here’s a metaphor to help you understand. Think of your photo as your house, and think of hashtags as the roads that lead to your house. Without roads to your house, it’s highly unlikely that you will ever have visitors, let alone will people know you exist. The role of the road is to provide people with a pathway to your house. Hashtags are the road to your pictures, and without them, you most likely won’t find any strangers coming for a visit. The key to growing your Instagram account is to build the best roads possible by using hashtags correctly. Read on to learn how to construct a well trafficked road to your house.

How Do I Choose the Best Hashtags?

The number one mistake users make when choosing their hashtags is picking one that is trending or popular like “like4like”. These hashtags are worthless because when a user goes searching under that hashtag, it’s so popular that pictures are being posted every second, forcing pictures to disappear from “most recent” to the bottom within seconds. As a result, no users are viewing the image. This can also result in spam comments. It’s best to avoid these popular tags altogether.

We recommend picking hashtags that are most relevant to your content. For example, if you post a before and after of a Brazilian Butt Lift, you should use the following: #brazilianbuttlift #beforeandafter #plasticsurgery #bbl #plasticsurgeon #city. These types of hashtags will draw in your target audience. This will result in gaining followers who will help grow your business.

Adding Your Location & Tagging Hubs

Adding your location to your post can actually help users find you. We don’t recommend you use your practice as the location, but use the city instead so it can be viewed more. That way, if people are viewing photos in the city, they will see your post and might become interested. Another way to gain more followers is by tagging Instagram hubs. An Instagram hub is an account that tends to feature other user’s photos. For example, @plasticsurgery, @cosmeticsurgeons, @breastaugmentations, @brazilianbuttlifts, and @rhinoplasty are all Instagram hubs that feature other user’s photos. If you tag these accounts on your photos, it’s a possibility that they see your tag and want to feature your photo. This can lead to more followers and views on your photos. You can also tag some of your favorite doctors as a way to network and feature each other.

Adding the Hashtags – Quick Tips

In order to make your caption the most aesthetically pleasing, we highly recommend adding the hashtags at the very bottom of the post or in a comment below. Unfortunately, Instagram makes caption editing difficult due to the lack of “enter” key. Our solution is to type out your caption in a Google doc or another word processing app and then copying and pasting it into the caption box. This way you can type out all of the hashtags you need and copy and paste them each time instead of individually typing them each time. As a side note, Instagram only allows 30 hashtags per post. Do you actually need 30? If your content is good and you are using the most relevant hashtags, we don’t see why you would need to use 30, but you are open to use your own trial and error judgement.

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